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Zan-Mari Vosges (who's awesome Zombie Guide design won first place)

Why did I design Vampires 101? Well last year's design was based on the Zombie movie, Warm Bodies. But I am and always will be a TwiHeart! So I decided to go the vampire route... My beloved Edward sparkles in the sun but it was very difficult to get the design to sparkle so I opted for the old-fashioned vampires who turns to dust when they go out in the sunlight. So you will always find a heap of ash somewhere on the beach. So Vampire 101 states - Let's not go to the beach! When my hubby saw my design he said that it's a good thing I have the writing on the the design or else there would be a lot of lost flops on the beach cos he would not be able to find his again. (because of the sandy beachbackground.)


Kelsey Niehaus (in second place)

My inspiration for my "Beach Bunny" design came from the two fashion design trends of fruit patterns and rabbits, and I decided to combine them into the "Beach Bunny" design.







Juanine Maree (in third place)

My design doesn't really have a inspiration or reason behind it. I just love designing, I do it every day, so i suppose each day is my inspiration. Also, slops are the most awesome things to put on your feet, so to be able to design a pair of slops.... that's just super awesome! Thanx so much to everyone who voted for my design, greatly appreciated! :))


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